I am really happy that you are pursuing a very specialized field in the plastic technology ….. I will certainly highlight your publication as early as possible so that the plastic industry as a whole comes to know about the excellent services you are rendering to the medical segment of the plastic industry.

-S. Rangarajan, Chief Exceutive, Popular Plastics & Packging Colour Publications Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

No field can progress without dissemination of information so was the case with medical devices filed in this country.  MPDS is ding an excellent job in this respect.  The quality of articles and the overall coverage has improved.  Even the quality of paper used is comparable to MDDI journal.  The magazine has become highly informative.

-Dr. G L Jain, CCIPL

I am in receipt of two issues of new journal and I find them very informative... - Prof. DD Kale, Plastics & Paints Dvn, University Dept. of Chemical Technology, Mumbai ….. I personally find it very useful information in all aspects of medical plastics starting from the manufacturer to consumer end….. 

- Dr. K Rathina, Biomedical Technology Wing, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Science & Technology, Trivandrum

Thank you for… copy of "Medical Plastics Data Service" …. We are very much keen to Subscribe the above publication…..

 - Somen Sanyal, Continental-VPS Packaging, Noida 

I Congratulate for the above mentioned Publication and will be very pleased to receive …… 

- Mira Raichman , Director, Healthcare & Biotechnology Dept., the Isrel Export Institute

Greetings. I just received the latest copy, and I appreciate your mentioning our site, the way you have presented the material is fine. 

- Ursula Jones, Managing Editor, Medical Design Online, USA

Please accept my hearty congratulations on publishing very interesting and informative articles in your magazine, "Medical Plastics Data Service". We Would like to seek your permission for reproducing your article titled, "Did you know?" (Page-4), in our quarterly magazine, "Recovery". This magazine is being circulated to about 45,000 doctors all over India.

 - Swati Mendon, Associate Editor, Recovery 

I am writing this specially to compliment you and your team for continuously on the Editorial Contents to make every issue a Reference Volume. I hope that the Professional Medical Segment is availing of this continued data bank. All my compliments and best wishes for the continued of your excellent efforts. 

- A.S. Athalye, Technlogy Transfer Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

I have received November 99 copy of your informative and useful journal.  The quality of publication and content both are excellent.  Please accept our congratulations for this nice publication.

-Saroj Ojha, Editor, Health India, Delhi

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