Media Profile

Language:                  English.

Periodicity:                 Once every two months, being published since 1994

Publisher:                   Classic Computer Services.

Target Audience:      All who are involved or interested in Medical Plastics user industries ranging from Pharmaceutical Industries, Medical Plastic Devices/ Equipments Manufacturers /Marketing Companies, Hospitals, Doctors, Medical & Pharmacy Colleges, Research Institutes.

Circulation :              Around 10000 readers for hard copies including 5 pass along readers per copy on and above more than 10000 soft copies in .pdf file sent by emails. 

                                    Being promoted through :

1.      Subscribers (Hard copy as well as soft copy)

2.      Participation as exhibitor in the national and international trade shows at different places in India and abroad. - 5 to 6 times per years (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad etc.).

3.      Promotions through internet portals www.medicalplasticsindia.com and www.medisourceasia.com

4.      Promotion through conferences, exhibitions and webinars organized by us (Details at www.imdiconferences.com ).

5.      Email newsletters - database more than 10,000.

6.      Promotion through following social media :

-          Linkedin (9500 relevant connections.)

-          Facebook

-          Whatsapp

 Editorial Content:    Applications, Book Review, Company Profiles,  Country Profiles,

                                  Design, Discovery,  Eminent   Institutions, Eminent Personalities,

                                  Events,   Global     Opportunities  and      Trends,   Health update,    

                                  Import - Export  News, Industry  News, Manufacturing,  Markets, 

                                  Materials, Product Profiles,   Products & Processes,      Regulatory

                                 Affairs,  Sterilization, Quality, Technology .....   

All   related     to    Medical    Plastics/Devices and  Equipments as well  as Pharmaceuticals Industry and  Trade.


Opportunities:         *     Suppliers of Machineries/Equipments/Raw Materials/Services

                                           to Medical Plastics Processors.

*     Vendors   to    Medical   Devices/Equipments     Manufactures. 

       Supplying Raw Materials/Clean Room Equipments/Assemblies

       /Sub-Assemblies/Components/Technology etc.

*    Medical   Equipments/Devices    Manufacturers/Suppliers  and

      Marketing Companies.

*    Technical/Management   Consultants  for   Plastic and  Medical

      Devices Industries.

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