July 06, 2016

A techno-economic news magazine for medical plastics and pharmaceutical Industry

Vol. 24  No. 3   May - June 2016

"Medical Plastics Data Service"

A techno-economic news magazine for medical plastics, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industry

Now in the 24th year of publication

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Septemer - October 2014

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A strong supply chain is essential to support Indian Medical Device Industry in order to accelerate the “Make-in-India” process. However, it is also essential that the companies select potential suppliers, contractors and service providers with due care. After all, Medical Device Company - not the supplier – is responsible for complying with regulations and standards. Choosing the right vendors and managing them effectively can increase a manufacturer’s efficiency in terms of time, cost and quality...

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Cover Story

Effective Vendor Management For Medical Device Industry

Companies serving other markets are shifting their focus to medical technology due to the stability of the marketplace. While many of them have good intentions, they often don’t understand the complexities of medtech manufacturing. Although manufacturers are ultimately responsible for complying with regulations and standards, their vendors should...

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Supplier Quality Management For Medical Device Manufacturers: A Critical Step Towards Global Regulatory Compliance

Ms. Preeti Vani, Plant Head, Sahajanand Laser Technology, Gandhinagar

Global regulatory compliance is important because in today’s world of globalized supply and demand networks, companies need to efficiently optimize the supply base given a broad set of requirements that go well beyond cost. To effectively do this, companies should...

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Medtech Companies Need Collaboration With External Partners For Innovation And Growth

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Innovative Computer-Aided Catheter Reprocessing System (CRS) for Cleaning Catheters Developed By Chandigarh Biomedical Engineer


CRS machine intends to replace the conventional method for cleaning of catheters. The machine is...


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India’s New IPR Policy Looking To Spur Innovation In Med-Tech Sector


The med-tech industry, both domestic and international, has generally welcomed India’s new intellectual property rights (IPR) policy, in large part due to...


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Product Gallery

Qosina Adds 40 Enteral Feeding Connectors that Meet the ISO 80369-3 Standard


Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of 40 enteral feeding connectors that meet the ISO 80369-3 standard...


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Global Trends

Medical Adhesives : Fastest growing Segment

Adhesives are critical components in the design and manufacture of the majority of medical devices. As medical devices become smaller and more complex, greater demands are being made on the materials and components used in them...

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Did You Know?
About Best Practices to Ensure Good Supplier Management

Companies that manage their suppliers well, do so through a number of best practices. They carefully select and contract with their suppliers, often with deep involvement from the internal quality organization, and they identify vendors that deal with the most critical aspects of their product and invest heavily in training and monitoring them...

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