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KLJ Group: Rolling out Total Solutions for Plasticizers & Polymer Compounds


Jagdish Parmar
DGM (Sales & Tech.)
KLJ Group Of Companies

"Change is the Only Constant” is our guiding mantra, which keeps driving us towards the best and keeps strengthening the trust of all our stakeholders that is built on our constantly improving performance.

KLJ Group, founded in 1967, is not only the Largest Manufacturer and Market Leader in Plasticizers and Polymer Compounds in South Asia but enjoys a Global presence and ranking. KLJ is also the outright Leader in the Secondary Plasticizer (Chlorinated Paraffin) segment as the Largest Manufacturer across the Globe. Their ultra-modern manufacturing facilities in Silvassa, Bharuch, Agra & Kutch in India, Rayong in Thailand and Mesaieed in Qatar are equipped with State-of-the-Art technology and equipment, producing widest range of Plasticizers in the World and one of the most complex ranges of Polymer Compounds.

In nutshell, KLJ Group is a multi-product and multi-locational business conglomerate, with a turnover of INR 109 billion (US$ 1.40 billion) having manufacturing capacity of over 1.40 million tpa and a 2200+ dedicated and qualified personnel persistently pursuing Innovation, Development and Growth. We have also established our self as the Second Largest Manufacturer of Benz


products in India. Moreover, the Group also have a trading arm namely KLJ Resources Limited, having Global Ranking among top 5O Chemical Distributor in the world, mainly into Trading and Distribution of Chemicals & Petrochemicals and also into development & building of Real Estate and infrastructure development, which has so far delivered over 4 million sq. ft. of space.


Dream of being instrumental for Nation’s Healthcare Sector


The vision of KLJ Group is to achieve a well balanced growth in all the businesses that they are into and make an impact on the industry strictly through ethical business practices, thereby building Trust of all its stakeholders that is 'Built on Performance: The Group is on a mission to be significantly instrumental to the nation's Healthcare Sector growth, while maintaining its uniqueness in whatever business it commits to.


Range of KLJ: Products for Medical & Healthcare segment


Traditional KLJ PVC Compounds


• Containers used for Blood and Blood components or Urine Products
• Tubing used for Blood Administration/Infusion Sets, Catheters, Heart-Lung bypass sets, Haemodialysis set etc.
• Blood Bags, Blood Administration System
• Superior resistance to extraction by blood lipids and high fat emulsions
• CAPD Kits for Dialysis
• IV Sets, Scalp Vein Sets
• Nose Mask
• Catheters and lot of other critical compounds
• Wound Drainage System



KLJ: Innovations in PVC Medical Compounds


Phthalate Free Compounds: Designed for


• To meet Regulatory Compliances
• Offer Phthalate alternative options
• Offer better cost-performance optimisation
• Avoid adverse impact on human hormones, fertility, child development issues
• Avoid so-called carcinogenic impact


Radio Sensitive Compounds


Radio Opaque Compounds in variety of hardness and colours is used in catheters for position detection in human body


Electrostatic Discharge/Static Discharge Compounds


• Compounds are designed for production of ESD/SD catheters and Drain Tubes
• ESD can damage or destroy sensitive electronics in hospitals as well as is of life risk for patients
• Conductive PVC Compounds with low electrical resistance prevent static accumulation from reaching dangerous levels
• Lower resistance allows static to dissipate slowly and continuously rather than accumulate and discharge rapidly.



Development of Haemodialysis Pump Segment Tube Compound (Import Substitution)


• PVC Compounds are designed for Pump Segment Tube used in Dialysis Tube Kit
• The tubes made from this compound has ability to sustain the mechanical operations of metal rollers of dialyser
• These tubes are used in multiple cycles


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