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Re-Invigorating Indian Medical Device Industry

No Industry is immune to the disruptions brought by transformation and growth.

In this issue of “MEDICAL PLASTICS DATA SERVICE” , Mr K L Sharma ,Former Jt. Secretary , Drugs & Food Regulation, Ministry Of Health & Family Welfare, Government Of India , a public policy practitioner of four decades, shares the insider’s views and analysis highlighting critical issues like factors responsible for market growth (Domestic & Exports), ecosystem improvements required, need for a separate regulator, role of the Industry, harmonization of activities of various agencies, appropriateness of the incentives including production linked incentive schemes as announced by the GOI, need for medical device parks and importance of innovations in the medical device sector. He has also suggested critical action points with a view to reinvigorating Indian Medical Device Industry.

Mr. D.L. Pandya


Medical Grade Polymers & Biomaterials


This issue has a special focus on Medical grade Polymers & Biomaterials.


Many different Polymers and polymer combinations are used for medical applications in which friction and wear are critical issues. The moving parts must effectively slide against some other parts. The article contributed by the experts from the company, “Celanese” gives detailed analysis of the tribological interactions between the internal parts which can prevent issues regarding unwanted noise generation, high friction and excessive stick-slip behaviour during operation.


Polymers and Biopolymers are also used as advanced materials for wound dressing. Abstract from a review paper included in this issue highlight ideal wound dressing based on the mechanism of human skins.


About Why To Choose PVC For Medical & Healthcare Applications


Medical grade PVC has been used for manufacturing Medical Disposables since last many decades. The technological, economic and environmental benefits for using PVC are elaborated in an article titled as, 10 Key Reasons To Choose PVC In Healthcare Applications’ as promoted by,”PVCMed Alliance” – The European Council Of Vinyl Manufacturers.


Besides other benefits, PVC is easily recyclable. Many of the PVC based medical products are used on non-infectious patients. the above mentioned alliance has launched a collaborative project together with hospitals, waste managers and recyclers aimed at accelerating sustainability in European healthcare industry through the recycling of discarded single-use PVC medical devices. Details about one such project in Belgium is given in the “Global Trends” Column in this issue.


Directory Of Suppliers To Indian Medical Device Industry


As our readers are already aware, since last 29 years , through this publication , our efforts and mission on and above knowledge / information sharing is also to create interactions between Indian Medical Device Industry and their input providers ( suppliers of raw materials / components / technology / services ) .To add to this , we are in process of compiling a Directory Of Suppliers. While through this and previous three issues, we have already introduced companies, we shall shortly create an independent compilation and keep updating it for the benefit of new and existing companies. We invite all the Supplier Companies to be a part of this Directory.

D.L. Pandya

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