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India Medical Device 2018
15th - 17th February, 2018
Banglore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru
Medical Japan 2018
21-23 February, 2018
Future Healthcare 2018
13-14 March, 2018
Olympia, London

15th National Conference And Technology Exhibition On Indian Medical Devices & Plastics Disposables / Implants Industry 2018

Ahmedabad Management Associaton, Ahmedabad


Medlab 2018
5-8 February, 2018
Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE


MD&M West 2018
6-8, February 2018
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

Content Overview: November - December 2017

Cover Story

Medical Plastics Market Analysis By Applications - 2014 – 2025
Increasing market size for medical grade plastics has resulted in rise in demand for premium grade plastics. The industry is characterized by continuous technological advancements to produce refined products to...

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Plastics In Medical & Healthcare Sector : Emerging Trends & Applications
Bioplastics , Antiseptic For Medical Devices , Micro Injection Moulding, Prosthetics, Wound Care, Spinal Implants , Kink-Resistant Tubing, Bioresorbable Polymers, Medical Device Adhessives, Medical Swabs...

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Industry Awards

Rajv Nath, Forum Coordinator, Association Of Indian Medical Device Industry (AiMeD) Awarded Dynamic Healthcare Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017
The award, adjudged by a jury of eminent personalities associated with Public and Private Heathcare and Government Establishments, highlighted the contribution of a personality who has been able to set up a new mark in the Healthcare Industry with a Unique Philosophy and by following a Distinctive Approach...

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Medical Devices : India Market and Context (Based on Report Prepared By “Sathguru” For Assocham)
Medical Device Sector representing 9 % of the overall healthcare Industry , is 4th largest in Asia is growing at a CAGR of 16 % . The current shift reflects companies moving up the value chain, building competitiveness through...

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Industry News

  • Qosina Announces Scott Herskovitz as New President and CEO
  • DCGI Issues Classification Of Medical Devices & In Vitro Diagnostics Under Provisions Of Medicall Devices Rules, 2017
  • Launch Of KIHT A Major Boost Towards Making India A Global Manufacturing Hub For Medical Devices: AiMeD
  • India Aims To Ease Import Process For Medical Devices

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Global Trends

New Materials for Medical Devices
Healthcare application providers are torn in two directions when it comes to working with new materials. On the one hand, they would like to build superior devices to existing ones – or all new applications that cannot be realised with existing materials...

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Medical implants drive growing demand for Ultra-High Molecular weight polyethylene Industry Clusters
Demand for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) for the fabrication of orthopedic and cardiovascular implants is driving growth for the material in global markets, according to a report from Technavio (London)...

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Article Index : January 2017 to December 2017
Important Articles published in “Medical Plastics Data Service” during January 2017 to December 2017

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About Using Medical Polymers Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) affect millions of people around the world and cost healthcare systems billions. Whether the cause is reduced staffing in hospitals (resulting in less time for healthcare workers to thoroughly disinfect between patient visits), the increasing resistance of certain pathogens to current sterilization procedures, or any of a dozen other reasons, this problem continues to affect patients needing healthcare.


Catheter Acquired Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs) are the single largest cause of hospital acquired infections today. This is because it is common for bacteria biofilms to form on the catheter surface, leading to damage, inflammation and infection via the adjacent tissues. Biofilms are thin layers of microorganisms, usually protozoa and bacteria, which colonise exposed surfaces of medical devices.


Antibacterial coatings, whether silver or antibiotic impregnated, are intended to kill the biofilms once they have formed, minimising damage to exposed tissue. In practice, however, this approach is ineffective at preventing the growth of bacterial biofilms - existing coated catheters on the market have not reduced CAUTIs


Using Polymers to Reduce Infections


The use of plastic medical devices helps caregivers to control the HAI problem because of features like : cleanliness, sterility, convenience, ease of use, and low cost. There is a need to do more in controlling and reducing infections, and one way to help improve outcomes is through the use of antimicrobial plastics in the construction of various medical devices. Rather than aiming to kill bacteria, researchers looked to better protect against HAIs by changing the physical properties of surfaces to make them inhospitable to bacteria.


Polymers and, more specifically, the proper selection of such materials for manufacturing of medical devices, will continue to be a factor in helping control hospital-acquired infections, and provide better patient safety, improved healthcare, and reduced operating costs.


Whether the improvement comes from surface-bound or released antimicrobials in medical device plastics; from the use of more resistant polymers; or from better design that allows more effective cleaning and longer useful life of the plastic products, the improved outcomes will be a welcome trend in reduction in the frequency of HAIs.


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About Advanced Medical Polymer For Treating Diabetic Patients
Diabetes care has seen several innovations through the years. One of the important developments is insulin pumps, which for many patients provides an option to the traditional needle and syringe approach to insulin injections...
  • Manufacturers Welcome Price Cap On Medical Devices
  • Gujarat Registers Maximum Number Of 170 Medical Devices Units In The Country Under CLAA Scheme
  • MTaI Puts Forward Key Recommendations To Govt For More Enabling Environment For Medical Devices Industry In India
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