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The 13th National Conference And Technology Exhibition on Indian Medical Devices & Plastics Disposables / Implants Industry 2016

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A showcase of select medical technology products  and services

September-October 2015


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Association of Indian Medical Device Industry

Syringe Manufacturing
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India's No. 1 Trade Fair for Hospitals, Health Centres, Mumbai, India

Content Overview: September - October 2015

 Cover Story


Medical Tubing And Extrusion Technology


The Medical Tubing segment comprises the most dynamic area in the medical devise landscape. Advances in extrusion technology are aiding the evolution of plastic tubing with latest developments that include…


Tubes and Catheters Sizing


The catheter sizing classification most commonly used in the medical industry is the French ( Fr ) scale, also known as...


Medical Tubing : Materials and Applications


Wide range of medical applications and respective medical grade polymers in use.


MPDS Supplier Bulletin : Medical Tubing And Extrusion Technology


The bulletin features domestic and international sources for medical tubing and extruded products.


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Make In India : From Slogan To Policy Implementation
- Shri Rajiv Nath, Forum Coordinator, Association Of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED) Shri Rajiv Nath shares his vision, “India Amongst Top 5 Manufacturing Hubs of Medical Devices”, and suggests what it takes to convert this vision into reality...

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Product Gallery

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Global Trends

Safety Considerations Related To Misconnections Between Medical Devices
The use of common connector designs, such as Luer connectors, has led to unintended connections devices that have...


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Modern Medical Tubing for Medical Device Downgauging


Advances in device designs is driving the need for advances in Polymer extrusion technology...

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Industry News

  • Promote Components And Ancillary Industry To Achieve ‘Make In India’ For Medical Equipment And Devices, Recommends CII
  • CII MTD Division Wants Separate Marketing Code For Medical Device Industry
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Compamed 2015
November 16 - 19, 2015, Dusseldorf, Germany

The 13th National Conference And Technology Exhibition on Indian Medical Devices & Plastics Disposables / Implants Industry 2016

(February 12-13, 2016)
Plastivision Arabia 2016
February 22-25, 2016, Expo Center, Sharjah
Medical Fir India 2016
India's No. 1 Trade Fair For Hospitals, Health Centers & Clinics
11-13 March, 2016
Medical Manufacturing Asia
31st August - 2nd September 2016, Singapore

Medinet Forum

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About Hospital Errors on Medical Tubing Killing Patients

Hundreds of deaths and serious injuries can be attributed to mix-ups with similar looking types of medical tubing. Experts and standards groups have long advocated that tubes for different purposes be made so that they are incompatible with each other-just as different nozzles at gas stations prevent drivers from using the wrong fuel.


As the New York Times reported, a otherwise healthy young woman and her unborn daughter died after a feeding tube was mistakenly connected to an intravenous line, sending liquid food directly into her veins - a fatal, and completely avoidable, mistake.


In cases like these, it’s difficult to say where the fault lies, but the very design of medical tubing deserves at least partially responsible. Researchers have traced hundreds of such deaths or serious injuries to tube mix-ups. However, no one knows real toll, because this kind of mistake, like medication errors in general, is rarely reported. An earlier survey of hospitals found that 16 percent had experienced a feeding tube mix-up.


Medical tubing serves a variety of unique purposes in hospitals, for instance delivering medication, fluids, food, gases or blood to different areas of the body - the veins, arteries, stomach, lungs, etc.


Unfortunately, many varieties of medical tubing are interchangeable and easily connectable, meaning it is very simple to mistakenly connect a feeding tube to an intravenous line, or IV fluids to an oxygen tube, leading to suffocation.


The New York Times also reported a case where a spinal anesthetic used for pain relief during childbirth was mistakenly put into a vein, killing the 16-year-old recipient. With nurses often working overtime or covering too many patients at once, it is all too easy to connect a tube improperly, leading to an often fatal outcome for the patient.


A simple solution would be to change the design of the tubes so tubing for different functions are no longer compatible with one another.


(Ref: )

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Impact Of New European Regulations On Outsourcing Of Medical Devices


Medical Device Companies will operate under a stricker regulatory environment in Europe following the approval of new regulations governing Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostics by the Council of the European Union...

Balancing Product Development Effectiveness with Regulatory Compliance

Medical device companies are experiencing growing pains as they navigate the challenging waters of regulatory compliance while simultaneously keeping up with the pace of innovation...
  • Provisions Of DPCO, 2013 Applicable To Notified Medical Devices: NPPA
  • Gujarat FDCA To Meet Commerce Ministry To Seek Release Of Funds For Biocompatibility & Medical Device Testing Lab
  • U.S.-India Business Council Concludes Successful Medical Device Trade Mission To India
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