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May-June 2017


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Content Overview: May - June 2017

Cover Story

Medical Polymers Processing – Selecting Right Materials & Manufacturing Systems
Materials selected for use in new medical devices can have major ramifications throughout the product lifecycle, from design through testing...

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Compatibility of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes with Drugs for IV Sets
Ms. Elena Draganoiu, Global Technology Manager, Lubrizol LifeSciences, USA
The purpose of this study was to evaluate in vitro compatibility of IV sets of thermoplastic polyurethanes with an array of drugs with different properties...

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Designing and Manufacturing of Molds for Medical Components
Mr. Ketan Panchal, Production Manager, IndoGerman Tool Room, Ahmedabad
The better output need more attention in the area of product applications, standards, plastic material selection, product design consideration, injection molding machine to be use etc...

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Syringe Plungers Can Contribute to Patient Safety
Silicone contains only a small number of additives, reducing the likehood that harmful substances will be released. The material can, therefore...

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Global Trends

  • Healthcare Plastics Recycling Project: A Success
  • Trends Pushing Solid Growth in Global Market for Medical Plastics

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Industry News

  • Tekni-Plex Announces $15 Million Investment in New China Manufacturing Facility
  • AMTZ Partners With GMDN Agency For Identification Of Medical Devices
  • Gujarat FDCA To Tie Up With NIPER Ahmedabad To Train Inspectors For Detecting SAE Of Medical Devices
  • HLL Takes Over Tech For Production Of 3 Medical Devices
  • NIPER To Team Up With Cos Furthering Make In India

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Product Gallery

  • ‘Male And Female Connectors And Caps, Low Dose Syringes, Spikes, Adapters And Y Connectors’
  • New Tuohyborst Adapters

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Did You Know?

Why “PEEK” offers success for the manufacture of medical parts

Medical devices that are intended for long-term contact with body tissues must meet particularly high quality requirements for registration in Europe or in the US. The manufacturers have to demonstrate on the one hand, that the raw materials are suitable for the respective area of application, and on the other hand demonstrate how they ensure consistent quality.

Today more and more manufacturers of medical products are using PEEK (polyetheretherketone) for bone surgery, but also in areas of traumatology and orthopaedics. Why PEEK? Because this material is biocompatible, inert to body fluids and can be processed relatively easy with high precision micro moulding for individual implants or surgical instruments.

PEEK provides a great benefit: It saves weight, allows more design freedom and a greater functional integration, it also scores with X-ray transparency and elasticity which corresponds approximately to bone. At the same time it is a lower cost alternative to Titan the classic implant material, especially when using medical instruments or endoscopes, where the good electrical insulation properties of PEEK come into play.

The complete detachment of ligaments, tendons or other soft tissues from their associated bones within the body is relatively commonplace injuries, particularly among athletes. Such injuries are generally the result of excessive stresses being placed on these tissues. For example, tissue detachment may occur as the result of an accident such as a fall, over-exertion during a work-related activity, during the course of an athletic event, or activities. For a complete detachment, however, surgery may be needed to re-attach the soft tissue to its associated bone or bones. Numerous devices made out of PEEK material are currently available to re-attach soft tissue to bone. Examples of such currently-available devices include screws, staples, suture anchors and tacks.

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Global Trends

Did You Know? Industry News

About Drug / Device Combination Products & ASEAN Markets

Many of today’s most innovative medical devices are actually drug/device combination products that generally include a medical device part and a drug part...
  • Med Devices Import up 16.8%, Export By 25.7% During 2012-16
  • DCGI begins registration of notified bodies to carry out audit of mfg sites of Class A & Class B medical devices
  • 10% price hike cap on most medical devices
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